Sunset Sting Face Mask Bandana

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Click here to learn about the differences between our Original Hoo-rag and our SolarTekMAX.

The Man o’ War Series features the colorful and vibrant work of Aaron Ansarov of Ansarov Studios.  Aaron has captured the beauty of the Portuguese man o’ wars by placing them on a light table and taking photographs.  Careful to honor the subject, Ansarov doesn’t keep the man o’ war out of the water for longer than fifteen minutes.  His work has been featured in National Geographic and Juxtapoz.  The Sea Warrior is a brilliant photo featuring blues and purples.  You couldn’t get any closer to nature unless your friend peed on your leg!  Check out the Trippy Tentacle and the Sea Warrior also.

You can wear Hoo-rags as face masks, neck gaiters, headwraps, scarves, beanies, hat liners, helmet liners and more.

Now available in the Original Hoo-rag OR the Solartek version.
The Original Hoo-rag has a UPF30 sun protection rating versus the Solartek at a UPF50. Both items made of 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.

Approx. 19” x 8.5”.
One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

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