Halftone Branded Mystery Color Pack


As of  March 18th, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that a shortage of medical grade masks is clear. You can find the latest here regarding what the CDC has to say about masks in a mass shortage scenario.

Our pricing is set per unit but sold in bulk packages.  For example, you’ll see “300 at $3.50” each in the drop down below, and the total when added to cart will be $1050.00.  These will not be individually bagged, and will be bulk packaged. PLEASE NOTE: We will be randomly selecting colors when you pick a quantity. We cannot guarantee which colors we ship you with this product.

HOO-RAG DISCLAIMER: Our facemasks have NOT BEEN tested in any medical scenario. The prevention of diseases, viruses, or any other medical condition is unknown. Using a Hoo-rag bandana to prevent the spread of any pathogen is not recommended. Please visit this link to see what the CDC says about using bandanas and scarves in times of masks shortages.

Why we are making these available.
Hoo-rag tubular bandanas are made of polyester microfiber and have been a long time staple for sportsman, runners, and the working class since 2012. Our bandanas normally retail for $15.95. Given our inventory of blank bandanas and the current pandemic we have decided to drop our pricing on our product for these bulk packages and are making them available to the general public in an effort to help in any way we can.


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