Day Of The Dead – Sugar Mama Mask

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Everyone needs a sugar mama in their life, this is where our Day Of The Dead Mask comes in! Día de Muertos celebrations will never be the same with this bandana. Popping colors and a hand drawn design makes this Hoo a must have! Make sure to grab our brown version, the Sugar Daddy Face Mask as well – the couple that Hoo’s together stays together!

Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
Approx. 19” x 9.5”. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry. Wear it over 10 ways!

26 reviews for Day Of The Dead – Sugar Mama Mask

  1. Arturo Verified owner

    I bought this for my wife in honor of the local Day of Dead celebration. She loves the vibrant colors.

  2. Leigh Smith Verified owner

    Great products!

  3. Joe Verified owner

    I’m a guy… I bought this cus it matched my outfit I’m wearing to a rave. Just realized it says sugar mama and a bunch of girls purchased it. Will I get ridiculed for wearing this? I hope not but at the end of the day, I love the colors and the design, it is also very comfortable.

    • hoo_service Verified owner

      I don’t see a reason why you’d get ridiculed! Please rock the sugar mama Hoo-rag!! 🙂 If you like it, then why not enjoy it to the max? ! 🙂

  4. Justine Verified owner

    Cute design, however I am very disappointed. I paid over a 100$ for two with shipping and fees. The quality is horrible and I don’t suggest using it for snowboarding.

    • Veronica H

      Hi there! We appreciate the feedback. It looks like you chose our express shipping, which is a bit more than the flat rate price. And with any international shipping, there is potential for duties or taxes to be due upon receipt. In regards to the quality, we never like to hear that someone is unhappy and we offer our 30-day refund guarantee, for any reason. Feel free to reach out to if you want a product refund.

  5. Lea Verified owner

    Love it, super cute. A bit tight on my neck though (I’m plus sized).

  6. Morgan Verified owner

    This hoorag is definitely just as cute in person as it is online. The part I was a little stumped by was the blue is more of a darker blue as seen in the second photo where the girl is wearing it. I was hoping it was the bright blue on the main photo that was featured. Never-the-less this hoorag is perfect for perfecting my face against sunburns and I’m excited to give it a try when snowboarding comes around.

  7. Ethel Jenny Neo

    This was my mystery hoo frm the company. Love the design and surely a stunner!

  8. EH Williams Verified owner

    Always get fun comments! And never a sunburn. It is warm with little breathability, but infinitely better than sunscreen.

  9. Christine Verified owner

    Supper cool! Exactly what I expected!

  10. Hannah. S Verified owner

    I love my hoorag I use it welding so I don’t inhail all the smoke. It’s girly and I love it!!! It’s great for women welders

  11. CHRISTINE REINO Verified owner

    The company was great to deal with. fast shipping and also included an extra christmas hoo rag.

  12. Sherry Verified owner

    I bought this for cold weather riding for both horses and motorcycle. I love sugar skulls. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but tried it on. Good quality. I’m concerned it might not stay up on the bike. Fits loose on me

  13. Rob Gogolin Verified owner

    Best Halloween costume ever!

  14. Annette Verified owner

    Love it! Used mine for a Music Festival I worked great. I bought two more after that.

  15. Leah Verified owner

    I have been wanting this hoorag forever and when I saw it was on sale I bought it! I love it! I snowboard and use these for a face mask and I’m pumped to add this one to my collection. I have yet to see how the colors hold up in the winter snow but as far as the design, it’s perfect!

  16. Deb Jones Verified owner

    LOVE…..LOVE……LOVE IT!!! It is so comfortable and the colors are amazing! I am so glad I found this company!!! Going to order many more!!!!

  17. BethSheba Verified owner

    I love the Sugar Mama! Great quality and it’s so fun!

  18. Bill Boop Verified owner

    Bought this for my daughter in law & she loves it. I own half a dozen of them & use them in all types of situations & weather. Great products, from a great company. “Do you even Hoo Bro?”, if you don’t your wrong.

  19. Melisa C Garcia Verified owner

    Totally Love My Sugar Mama Hoo Rag???. The Colors Are Amazing.!!!! I Plan On Wearing It On Our Motorcycle Outings. It’s Perfect To Help Keep You From Getting Wind Burn.

  20. Josie Verified owner

    Super cute anytime of year!!

  21. Jamie Wallace Verified owner

    Perfect for fall hunting and range days. Thank you for shipping so fast.

  22. Elisha D Verified owner

    Love my Hoo-rags and cant wait to use them. I will definitely be buying more in the near future! 🙂

  23. Chris D Verified owner

    Love Love Love it, I wet these and use them when I ride my Horse in the mountains on dusty trails, just pull it up over my nose and it’s nice and cool and no dust!!

  24. Pamela Verified owner

    Have not worn mine yet as I ordered several Hoo Rags…however I absolutely love the colors. Very bright & vibrant. Love me some sugar skulls

  25. kelly Verified owner

    This hoo can be worn so many ways! I work around planes, it keeps debris from blowing in my mouth. Can’t wait to rock it in winter!

  26. Kara Verified owner

    This little gem is a keeper! The quality is excellent as is the colors – they are bright and vibrant! Using this for everything fun! I bought a second Hoo Rag Digital black/pink/white csmo to keep the floating hair out of my face! I’m thinking it might keep the shampoo/hairspray scent down while hunting under my hat too. I have a frizzy mop of curly hair – it’s gonna be kept in check with my new Hoo Rags.

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