Chemical Warfare Face Mask Bandana

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GAS GAS GAS! We probably received somewhere around 130 million emails requesting a gas mask Hoo-rag design and we finally got it in production and it turned out awesome. Get yours today and make sure to check out the other face masks in our Skull Daddy line! WARNING: If engaging in actual Chemical Warfare scenarios this rag will not help you and you will die.

The Chemical Warfare is a lightweight, moisture wicking, wind resistant, breathable bandana that can we worn as a neck gaiter, face mask, headwrap, balaclava, and more! Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. Hemmed upper and lower for superior fit and finish.
Approx. 19” x 9.5”. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

19 reviews for Chemical Warfare Face Mask Bandana

  1. Jackson Wright Verified owner

    Very comfortable, breathable, and nice looking. Shipped fast as well, will be buying more soon.

  2. Steve Callaway Verified owner

    Looks and feels great.

  3. Paul Finch Verified owner

    Ok, being of Italian descent I have a nose that’s larger than most. That being said, neoprene masks and most face wraps don’t fit very well. They also don’t “breath” or vent well either, resulting in fogged up goggles/lenses. I was skeptical of the hoorag until I put it on. All I can say is buy the friggin thing! It’s light, fits well and breaths unbelievably well!!! Oh, I got the chemical warfare one and it looks killer!!!

  4. Janice Verified owner

    Son LOVES it!!! and he really loves the Santa face one too that we got for FREE!! Thanks Hoo-rag!!

  5. Nancy T Verified owner

    Love the design, and got some great looks while walking through the city with it on. Totally warm as well. And an extra added surprise came with it as well. Thank you!

  6. Connie Vanderheiden Verified owner

    I purchased this for my husband. He uses it for a face cover while riding his Harley. He was skeptical at first but tried it out and said it was perfect. I also got 2 for myself. It’s defiantly eye catching and practical. Thanks Hoo-rag!

  7. Joe Verified owner

    A lot looser than I thought it would be. But it’s still cool

  8. Gavin C. Verified owner

    I thought this was a really great product. The description for this facemask made me laugh. I just got to say this mask is really comfortable. This package arrived on time, and this was a really great thing to buy. It was completely worth it.

  9. Ryan Verified owner

    Shipping was weird, but that’s what you get for international shipping haha. The hoo rag looks amazing, bought as a present for a friend and he absolutely loved it, just placed an order for a different design for myself

  10. Broud Verified owner

    Arrived on time exactly as described I love my hoo rags!!!!

  11. Mike G Verified owner

    Great product !

  12. Heather Verified owner

    Bought this for the desert and it worked out so well! I will be buying more!!!

  13. Michael Krischak Verified owner

    Love it wearing it right now .

  14. Anthony Verified owner

    Excellent. There is no a single thing to complain about

  15. Vinny

    It’s awesome. I absolutely love mine I would definitely recommend it

  16. Jason Verified owner

    Very happy with the product and service. Arrived in 6 business days which was very quick considering I live in Australia. I will be ordering more

  17. Steve-0 Verified owner

    Awesome product! Arrived super fast and very satisfied with over all product and service! I will be ordering more, along with my wife!

  18. Sarah R

    Absolutely awesome! On time and awesome. Great for playing manhunt (a personal favorite) or anything else you could possibly imagine! Since then I’ve purchased two more hoo-rags, both equally satisfying!

  19. Jason Verified owner

    Easy to order, arrived on time, 100% satisfied with the product what else can I say? Oh I know, ever since I got this wherever I wear it people want to know what it is and how do they get one. I know of 5 people personally who have ordered after seeing mine. Great gift idea for anyone! I will be ordering more soon. I don’t write reviews typically but my confidence in these guys is so high and my happiness with this product is beyond what I imagined I felt completed to share with those who really want to know if it’s worth it….it is!

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