Bear Trap Face Mask

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For all you predators out there – we’ve got the Bear Trap Hoo-rag. With razor sharp fangs and a roar to match, this bear means business and so will you when you rock this Havoc Collection Hoo-rag.

Up to 30 UPF sun protection rating. 100% moisture-wicking polyester microfiber.
Approx. 19” x 9.5”. One size fits most. Machine wash cold. Line dry.

12 reviews for Bear Trap Face Mask

  1. Marcus Verified owner

    I use this when mowing the lawn to keep that pesky grass pollen out of my nose and when mountain biking to avoid eating bugs. Works well for each purpose and looks sick!

  2. G Russell Verified owner

    Hoo’s are the best. Love them for hunting and fishing.

  3. Nick Simmons Verified owner

    Amazing product! Love all their designs. I’ve had my hoo rags for a couple years now and they still hold up.

  4. Adrian Garcia Verified owner

    Exactly like the picture really comfortable fabric wear for bike rides to keep bugs out of my face really vibrant will be buying more

  5. Lauren Crosthwait Verified owner

    I love this design! I’ve worn it fishing every time since I got it and it has kept my face and neck from getting burnt by the hot sun! The light fabric is breathable and doesn’t get you hot or fog my glasses up! Deff will be ordering more soon!

  6. Richard Verified owner

    This design is my fav looks awesome

  7. Casey g Verified owner

    I purchased this for waring under my helmet because of the no seems it works great in hot and cold weather. also use it daily at work for a comfortable and breathable sweat band. I do wish however that all of the hoo-rags had the stitch feature instead of just the new ones . still a great product though.

  8. Brandon Drop Verified owner

    Extremely comfortable and even a better look. Love the design and colors just like all my other hoos.

  9. H. Gundran Verified owner

    Looking for something to cover my mouth up and wick up moisture while riding mopeds around. I use this just for cruising around and love it. Keeps things out of my mouth and its fairly warm. I love the design, too!

  10. Meg Jones Verified owner

    I got this for my teenage son and he loves it. It looks super cool on. I tried it on to check it out myself, and it’s comfortable & perfect for the outdoors. I’m going to get one for myself now. Hoorag even surprised us by sending a surprise Santa Hoorag with our Christmas order. Definitely a nice gesture & will continue to do business with them.

  11. David Tierney Verified owner

    Some time ago, I purchased another Hoorag (the USMC Dress Blues/Blood Stripe). I have worn the previous Hoorag on several hiking trips. I recently carried it on a trip where the temp would get to just below freezing. With a baseball cap, it is sufficient to keep my ears from getting too cold, and helps with heat retention over my neck and head. As a consequence, I did not need a fleece cap. I have also worn to keep sweat out of my eyes during high output activities in higher temperatures.

    Bought the “Bear Trap” print for my son because mine works so well. He loves the design. The material and printing quality seems the same as mine, so the following comments on will likely apply here:

    Warmer than it feels like it should be.
    Light and packable.
    Retains sweat.
    Dries quickly.
    Even not on sale, Hoo-rags are more affordable than their competitor sold in the major outdoor stores.
    Love the many, many design options (although I may want to replace my Dress Blues print – see below – so please bring that one back).
    Don’t know if Hoo-rag is a “veteran-owned business,” but someone over there has an awareness of veterans.

    Printing fades quicker than I would have expected. Not completely gone, but doesn’t look as crisp after a few uses/washes. After a dozen washes, noticeably faded.
    Similar to above, pills quicker than I would have expected.
    [the above has not affected its utility in the least, only its look]

    Overall, it is awesome at any price, but the sales are really cool and the shipping leaves the price (especially if you order more than one at a time) still more affordable than the competitor.

  12. Sali Cunningham Verified owner

    It’s just like all my other hoos, comfortable and able to breathe in!

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