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Hoo-rag and Pesca Panama

Design is available from Pesca Panama and cannot be found at

Hey guys — my name is Kody and we’re starting a new weekly blog where we showcase some of our favorite clients and designs.  Let episode one commence!

We hadn’t heard from Mike at Pesca Panama for a while, probably due to COVID and travel restrictions, but he got in touch with us recently about a re-order.  Mike operates an offshore fishing lodge in Panama where guests come and live on his floating 80′ boat and go out sport fishing.  The background image on their custom bandana design is actually a blown-up fish fin from an image he had taken on one of those trips.  The colors definitely make me think of the ocean and fishing which is why they make perfect gifts for his clients.  They serve as a nice little reminder of a week spent in a tropical paradise catching some huge (And I mean HUGE) fish.

Mike hasn’t offered me a free trip yet, but I’m assuming it’s in the mail still and will be here any day!  In the meantime, you can check out their awesome spot by searching for Pesca Panama on Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

If you ever need a custom bandana, hit me up. I will make sure you get hooked up! You can e-mail me at or call me at 1.888.831.9344 ext 107

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