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9 Activities Made Better With A Neck Gaiter

We’re dropping the top 9 activities that are made more awesome with a neck gaiter. It’s frighteningly obvious you guys want to wear your Hoo-rag 24/7, even when fighting off wild animals. But let’s focus, people! Here are our top 9 activities:

Easy Running And Insane Runs

Going on a casual run without sun protection is bold but reckless. You can’t defeat the sun even if you’ve gone mad and entered a 50-mile trail race or OCR. An urban adventure that requires a tad of running can also be enhanced with a moisture-wicking neck gaiter. 

BTW – it doesn’t matter if these runs are in the cold or during the dog days of summer. A Hoo-rag is made to convert your comfort level in either extreme. Yes, the paisley design is cool but works in January too!

Ski Time – Snowboarding vs. Skiing

News flash. It gets cold on those winter slopes. We don’t expect you to know climate facts like that – that’s why we’re here. When it’s ski or snowboard time you’re all fired up, but get chilly when the adrenaline fades. Layers help but so does a neck gaiter to protect that Adam’s Apple from Jack Frost. 

Whether you love snowboarding or skiing more, just know that a Hoo-rag gaiter can be quickly slid up to cover your face. Handy for cold weather storm pop-ups involving a little too much falling ice.

Vicious Cycling

Some of you cyclists are more hardcore than any athletes we know. And we’ve seen some zealots. But summer heat is out to flatten your spirits in July and August. The sun is peddling heat exhaustion and dehydration. Don’t let hot weather keep you stuck on the couch or worse – on an $82,000 Peloton. 

Pedal on with a versatile Hoo-rag that goes from neck gaiter to helmet liner to face mask faster than you swerve when spotting a texting driver ahead.

Indoor Golf?

Ok, it’s fine to play Topgolf on occasion. But golfing outdoors will never die. The problem is the sun – which we love – but sends out UV rays that, well, can kill us! And they cause wrinkles, cataracts, and other health issues* – take note, you aspiring golf models.

In addition to UV harm, every course could use a cooling effect. You can’t golf naked – except in Cypress Cove, Florida, so it’s safer and legal to use a neck gaiter. One that’s lightweight, moisture-wicking with UV protection.

Hiking 8 Days A Week

The only 8-day week that would be acceptable would involve nothing but hikes. Some of our crew would hike all year round if they didn’t have jobs, family, and dogs who like air conditioning. Lots can go wrong on a trail though.

  • Over-heating.
  • Getting lost.
  • Freezing weather blowing in.

Luckily a quality neck gaiter can help with 2 out of 3. We could print custom trail maps on our UPF 30 bandanas – but that still wouldn’t help some of you! FYI – dipping your Hoo-rag (multi-use 12+ ways to wear) in a cool stream adds an extra cooldown factor.

Fresh Coat Of Paintball

Paintball is fresh fun when the boys get bored at home. It’s terrific for:

  • Getting outdoors.
  • Cardio from ripping and running.
  • Grasping teamwork benefits along with 3.4 million fellow paintball enthusiasts.

Thing is, you have to be competitive not only to win but to match other players’ style. An intimidating look is one way to go. But our wide variety of face masks / bandanas gives you options. All war is based on deception so a personalized Hoo-rag with unicorns or peace signs could totally baffle the other team. Or, you know, go with camo if you’re feeling traditional.

Fishing Wishlist

Wish it wasn’t so hot. Wish the fish were biting. Wish my buddy would slow the boat down – no bass alive can keep up with us. Mainly the heat is the problem when fishing though. Your defense system includes sunscreen, some shade, and lightweight UPF 30 clothing. All of which keep harmful UV rays in check.

There are over 38 million licensed fishermen in the US, and we’ve hooked tons of them on our lightweight Hoo-rags over the years. Some just like being on the water whether they catch anything or not.


No question hunting still ranks up there as a great American pastime. The best hunters stay on top of:

  • Safety.
  • New tactics.
  • Best grilling recipes.

While on the hunt you want to stay comfortable and out of sight. Realtree, Kryptek, and Mossy Oak are serious camo pros. Our bandana line-up features those brands in the same high-quality microfiber we use on every Hoo-rag. Youth sizes are available for the next great meat-eater to hit the scene.

Motorcycle Cruising

Nothing can bother you while on a peaceful motorcycle ride! Wrong…

  • Maniacal drivers and squirrels are everywhere.
  • Bugs slamming into your grill.
  • Bad weathermen send you out into a storm.
  • Exhaust in traffic.

Whether on a Harley or a Honda, the elements are trying to ruin your ride. Hoo-rag is riding shotgun with breathable neck gaiters that convert into helmet liners, face masks, and bandanas. Prevents bugs on your face and helps with traffic fumes. We have them in various American Flag designs plus a few state flags for ya!

If those 9 activities aren’t enough, feel free to rock that neck gaiter when you’re blimp skydiving, fighting fires, or getting attacked by bobcats in your own driveway. The world is not made for cookie-cutter approaches…

Need More? Check Out Our Sizing

Lots of activities need tons of sizes –  fear not go-getters. Original, extra-large (XL / big and tall), and kids sizing are your choices. And remember, how you wear your Hoo can vary as much as your activities. 12+ ways to utilize it including face mask, alice rag, pirate rag, sahara, headband, doo-rag. 

All crafted to be breathable, moisture-wicking, UPF 30, and 100% polyester microfiber. Same quality regardless of size or how you style your Hoo.

And Don’t Forget: Custom Design For Groups

Golf is known for bringing friends together as well as big groups for charity fun etc. But so do running clubs and Facebook groups that hike or kayak together as nature lovers. Events like this can use a custom design to commemorate the event and raise additional funds.

See how Red Bull used custom designed neck gaiters in this 3-person team event. Whether you’re diving off a cliff or running a 5k, custom artwork is the way to go for groups.  Design your own or work with our team.

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