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Let Your Head Breathe with a Custom Headband

A custom headband can do wonders for you ladies looking for breathing room for your head! Let’s face it, long hair can really raise the temperature on your brain when you hit the gym or go for a run. That can mean trouble for you… and your family who depend on your big brain to keep things running smoothly at home.

For example, if you overheat your mind during a hot yoga session, who’s gonna remember to get the dog groomed and kids picked up from music lessons? The hubby? Funny – you better prepare for the kids to come home flea-dipped and the poodle playing the piano. 

Even if you’re not running a household, you still have to keep your cool. Design your own headband and you’ll never quit your marathon training early. Hey, some hardcore ladies have been sidelined due to smothering their head with extreme heat wearing only a cap. All a heavy cap does is hold heat in and causes you to run into low-hanging branches! A lightweight custom headband keeps the sweat out of your eyes, defends against UV rays, and adds style to your stride.

Before anyone gets offended, we are not against sweat! Sweating can prevent colds and infections. A good sweat boosts your energy level and preps you for stressful situations like:

  • Parent / teacher conferences.
  • Traffic jams.
  • A child trying out their salon skills on their sister.
  • College exams.

But we are highly against sweat derailing a solid workout. How can you pick a proper playlist mid-run when your eyes are full of sweat? You might end up clicking a John Legend or Adele album which could cause you to mope all the way home at a 42-min / mile pace. Believe it or not, you can handle head sweat with a fashionable custom headband that’s breathable while showing off your personality.

We print your personalized headbands right here in the USA. We’ll even help you craft a cool design for your running group, birthday party, or yoga crew. Our designers are eager to help you (for free). One, in particular, loves working with ladies on custom head scarfs, mainly to skip out on her spin class. We won’t mention any names.

Over the years we’ve had some amazing Half-hoo headbands created once groups learned they could make your own headbands online. Ladies get super-creative when it comes to fitness apparel. We’ve seen hilarious jogger mottos, logos that rocked, and fundraising designs that inspired us all.  

Now you have no excuse to hang onto that wool NASA cap that’s bound to cause a miniature coconut tree accident eventually. That itchy Reebok headband from 2012 can go to Goodwill the garbage bin. Show the world your team’s personalized style and keep sweat in its place with a custom headband that can be transformed into a facemask, ponytail holder, and more.

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