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5 Reasons To Put Your Logo on Face Mask Coverings

A custom bandana or custom neck gaiter for your organization or event is a no-brainer. Why? Well, prop your feet up then check out 5 reasons your logo should get a chance to shine on a personalized gaiter. We might toss in a bonus reason at the end…

  1. Promotional t-shirts are so 1995. Unless you’re wearing a Nirvana t-shirt, no one will remember what kind of shirt you had on at a 5K race. The last t-shirt that garnered real attention had to be the yellow smiley face one made by Forrest Gump. And all it was good for was wiping mud off his grill. A freshly designed Hoo-rag would have protected Forrest from the mud in the first place. Would it have saved Bubba? We can only speculate.
  2. Save their skin. You can be a hero to your employees, team, or running group by protecting them from UV rays. Sure, it’s funny when Uncle Junebug looks like a lobster after falling asleep on the boat in July. But the sun causes real damage – wrinkles are just the tip of the iceberg. Your logo on a custom neck gaiter can prevent that problem with 30-UPF protection. The Uncle Junebugs of the world need all the face help they can get so one day they may luck up and trick someone into marrying them.
  3. Affordability. A custom neck gaiter order won’t put a hurting on your budget like other promotional items – hoodies, sweatshirts, or caps. We’ve seen hoodies that cost as much as a Labradoodle – and not nearly as soft. And sweatshirts can be as costly as a set of used snow skis. Ironically, you can only use both items part of the year. Caps are one-dimensional, while our comfortable custom gaiter masks can convert into a headband, beanie, pirate rag, etc.
  4. Our free design help is available. Not everyone is an artist. It’s OK to let Bob in accounting down easy about his limited design skills. Your logo or company name deserves a true artist to make your design pop on a personalized face mask. If you need to console Bob, we can hook him up with one of our friendly customer service peeps for therapy.
  5. Adaptation. Would we be shocked to see t-shirts, stickers, and promotional pens go extinct in the next couple years? No! These items are still customizable, but their freshness has faded and their uses are limited. Shirts are 99 cents a bag at Goodwill. Stickers have a messy reputation for causing 8 out of 13 backing up accidents due to extreme usage on back glasses. But an SPF neck gaiter adapts to the elements and is here to stay.

Those are 5 solid reasons to put your logo or design on a lightweight custom neck gaiter. But we promised a bonus reason. Here you go… 

“The point of marketing is to stand out… not fit in.” At least that’s what the great Don Draper once said while fishing with his custom pirate neck gaiter on.☺ A Hoo-rag stands out. That’s the point of giving your people a custom piece of apparel, right? So folks notice.

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