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Hoo-rags and the Cool Kids

We should consider hiring some kids to help design our face masks and bandanas. After all, who do you trust to pick out cool clothes? Dad, who paid good money for that regrettable Nickelback hoodie. Or your child who has been setting fashion trends since pre-school?

It’s a no-brainer right! If not for youngsters, the whole world would be one boring line of cookie-cutter suits and uniforms. Left to us adults, we’d still be listening to Elvis while doing the jitterbug too. Please, no hate-mail from you Elvis fans.

Then Came Full Face Bandanas

The pandemic threw a monkey wrench in… well, everything. Not to mention kid fashion. Moms throughout the land had trouble getting little Johnnys and Jennys to slip on a full face bandana or other face cover. The Dollar Tree was no place to shop for 4th-graders looking to impress the ladies or stay out of Mean Girls’ insult range.

Kids want to look cool and that’s a trend that will never end. Luckily Hoo-rag had a jump on face cover bandana styles. Since 2012, we’ve heard from lots of moms about designs that would make kiddos eager to wear face masks for outdoor activities, sun protection, and fighting off frozen faces.

Adding a splash of cool to any apparel makes it easy to convince young folks to give it a try. No need for trickery – save that for getting chores accomplished. Just ask a certain Hoo-rag team member about that – looking at you Kayla!

Don’t Annoy the Child

Let’s say you succeed in getting a stubborn child (youngest one, right?) to wear a full face bandana because someone cool designed it. Even then you have to deal with a rowdy child saying the face cover is uncomfortable… aka “I hate this thing.” That won’t work, but don’t worry.

Hoo-rag’s focus has always been on comfort. Making cool face and head apparel is in our DNA. But we know that wouldn’t matter without comfort. No one would wear a full face bandana if:

  • It’s too tight.
  • Gets all sweaty.
  • Makes it difficult to breathe.

A child gaiter mask must be light, comfortable, breathable, and wick away moisture. Those little whipper-snappers move around a lot. And you can’t have your toddler being the stinky kid!

Kids at Heart

Luckily for us, we have designers who are creative kids at heart. They craft amazing designs, making it easy to get kids on board with our children’s bandana mask line-up. The team has created over 20 different fun designs and color options. Not sure when those guys sleep.

Wondering about sizing? Our kids full face bandanas are about 17.5” long x 8.5” wide. Yes, they are made for boys and girls – and provide 30+ UPF protection from Mama Nature.

Now, brace yourself. Your child will attempt to wear their fresh Hoo-rag in several different manners. Mainly a face mask, but prepare for conversions to a neck gaiter, beanie, do-rag, and the dreaded pirate rag. No need to try and stop them. Our bandanas are better because they are meant to modify for all those uses and more.

Plus, you know how kids are. If you stand in their way, it’ll only encourage them to invent 23 more ways to wear their new face bandana. As a side-note, do encourage the hubby to burn that hoodie.

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