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Custom Printed Pet Promotional Giveaways Your Potential Customers Will Remember

WOW! Dog Owners With Custom Printed Dog Bandana Gifts They’ll Love Using!

It’s no secret that dog owners can go a little overboard when it comes to their little furballs.
Rightly so! They are, after all, their little furbabies. However, because of their hyper buying behavior, the competition for attracting the attention of dog owners is fierce, to say the least. Every business owner (and their dog) is trying to get a slice of that sweet, growing $75 billion dollar US market.

The question is, how do you come up with great dog giveaway ideas that set you apart from the pack?

How Do I Stand Out In A Sea  Of Pet Product Giveaways?

A tough question to ask, but an important one to find an answer to if you want to grow your sales.

How can your promotional giveaway:

  • Give a dog owner something of value? Something they will use and not throw away?
  • Get them to remember you as the gift giver?
  • And not break the bank?

How do you make sure your business is the first one they think about instead of your competition?

How do you find, or create great promotional dog products?

Customized Promotional Giveaway Solutions That Place The Leash In Your Hands

If a business wants their potential customers to use their giveaway products, especially if it’s clothing-based, there are a few key elements to a successful promotional product:

  1. Your target market has to want what you’re giving away.
  2. Your product needs to be of high enough quality that it will last a while.
  3. If it’s not unique, chances are potential customers have received dozens of similar gifts from your competitors.
  4. Find a way to give them a product that makes it about them and their furball while making sure the potential customer remembers you.

No pressure! This is where customization comes into play.

Now, when it comes to dog owners, chances are they’ve got more leashes than you can shake a tail at!
They’ll have toys and treats aplenty. However, just like we enjoy changing clothes every day, many dog owners love to dress up their pets! With a customized dog bandana, you’ll be able to offer them a gift they will love AND see your logo or business name (without yelling at them) every time they dress up their dog.
The best part?

Customized bandana designs are cost-effective promotional items when you go with Hoo-rag.

Many of our past customers have been:

  • Veterinary promotional items
  • Pet stores
  • Dog show promotional items
  • Pet food companies
  • Events like charity dog washes or runs/walks
  • Pet grooming facilities
  • Doggie daycares
  • And more

Beautiful & Safe, For Dogs Big & Small

Hoo-rag dog bandanas combine high-quality printing designs with material that breathes and remains flexible without becoming loose due to overstretching. This ensures the material will stretch if it gets snagged by branches or other obstacles dogs face.

Live in a colder climate? Our winter bandanas will help keep dogs warm while being stylish.
And – Hoo-rag has sizes for both big and small dogs.

The best part?

Because of our revolutionary manufacturing methods, we are able to make it very affordable for businesses to create their own customized line of dog bandanas. This allows us to stand out from other dog bandana companies.

Get Your Own Customized Promotional Dog Bandanas

Interested in learning more about our customized dog bandanas and what options are available for your promotional giveaways?

We’ve set up a simple process for you to request a quote from us.

You can design your own with our easy bandana builder, or you can reach out to our sales department for a more tailored design approach for crafting your gear.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business sales grow larger than an Irish Wolfhound!

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