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The Top 5 Types of Headwear for Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the most challenging and stressful experiences of a lifetime. What makes the diagnosis even more difficult are the side effects of the chemotherapy. While devastating to many aspects of a person’s mental and physical health, it is a necessary treatment for the survival of the cancer patient.

Chemotherapy can be especially difficult because one of the main side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. As much as our friends and family members try to lift our spirits once our hair begins to fall out, it is difficult to maintain high spirits and healthy self-esteem levels when our hair thins and falls out. While this loss of self-esteem may not seem important, ask any cancer survivor and they’ll tell you that a positive attitude and a hopeful spirit are important tools of survival during chemotherapy treatment.

In the spirit of boosting self-esteem and providing hope, we would like to present to you a concise list of headwear available to those who are suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments.

When it comes to versatility, the Hoo-rag is at the top of the mountain. There are over 13 different ways to wear this wonderful headpiece, but the possibilities are truly endless. Your Hoo-rag will be made of 100% polyester microfibers which will allow moisture to evaporate quickly and keep you dry and comfortable.

This breathable quality makes them perfect for chemo patients who are physically active or who are athletes. To add to their value as a headpiece for the active outdoors enthusiast, they also provide astounding UV protection. They are made of a fabric that boasts a 30 UPF rating which blocks 96-97% of UV rays.

Available in multiple sizes, designs, and colors, this headpiece can be worn as a bandana, a headband, a head scarf, a face mask, a ponytail, or even as a beanie. Once you own a Hoo-rag, you won’t need to purchase any other type of headdress. And, yes, you will find Hoo-rags in both men’s and women’s styles.

Wigs are the most commonly chosen headwear for those experiencing hair loss. It’s understandable because wigs are a very versatile and natural choice. You can choose a wig made from real hair or synthetic hair. Once you’ve chosen the type of hair you want, you have a wide range of colors and styles for all genders.

There are also wigs for those of different ethnicities so your wig will appear to be more realistic to your body type in both color and texture. If you are someone of a more advanced age and would like a wig in a more realistic color, those are available as well. There are even wigs made specifically for those going through chemotherapy in that the wigs are made for tender scalps. Keep in mind that wigs are on the expensive end of the headwear spectrum.

Hats are a fun, playful type of apparel option to shop for when you experiencing hair loss. For busy days of running errands or doing household chores, there are practical sun hats and casual Colette hats in many colors and styles. For formal affairs or a fancy evening out, there are cloche hats in multiple colors, with ribbons, with brims, and in various fabrics.

For the male chemotherapy patient, you also have a wide variety of hats at your disposal. Whether spending a casual day around the house or out hanging with the guys, your options include the baseball cap, the driving cap, or a historical headpiece that’s become globally trendy called the pork pie hat. If you’re feeling in a gentlemanly way or want to be in style, there are fedoras, Stetson hats, and trilbys.

Depending on the type of hat and the fabric, the cost of a hat can be very affordable and increase in cost until they are as expensive as a custom wig.

Scarves are the ultimate fashion statement, whether you’re experiencing hair loss or you’re in the market for a chic way to hide a bad hair day. A scarf is the perfect apparel companion piece. Scarves come in any style, color, or design that you can imagine. Not only are scarves great for adding some color to your ensemble, but they leave a lot of room for you to customize and personalize them yourself.

Scarves also add a touch of elegance to your aesthetic no matter the occasion. They are also a fantastically comfortable way to remain warm during the colder months. Scarves can be used as a way to protect your tender scalp from harmful overexposure to sunlight as well. No matter the style you prefer, you can find scarves made of:

  • cotton
  • silk
  • knit
  • blends
  • chiffon
  • velvet
  • satin

These delightful headpieces can be worn in a multitude of ways to add versatility and personality.

Beanies are a fun and low-maintenance form of head apparel. Already pre-wrapped and fitted with elastic, beanies are the ultimate throw-and-go addition to your busy day. Beanies are available in so many different colors, fabrics, and styles that you will be able to find a beanie that goes perfectly with each of your outfits. The versatility of beanies doesn’t stop there.

Because beanies are created with chemotherapy patients in mind, they are made in specific types of fabrics that are supportive of the special difficulties facing chemo patients. You will find beanies that are made with light, airy fabrics that allow your scalp to breathe and will let breezes pass through to cool you down in the summer months.

For colder winter months, there are robust beanies made with several layers of warm, gentle fabrics to contain your body heat and keep you warm. As an added bonus, beanies are customizable. You can add jewels, pins, flowers, ribbons, or any creative decoration your heart desires to make your beanie beautifully you.

While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope that this was helpful in guiding you through the world of chemotherapy headpieces. While the options are extensive and the possibilities are endless, we hope that you find the best headdress for both your needs and your personality. Although chemotherapy can be difficult, you will go through it with style and grace, and you should have a headpiece that will exemplify that sentiment.

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