A New Look at an Old Favorite – Dog Bandanas

Dog BandanasHere at Hoo-rag, we have an extensive line of tubular bandanas that our customers love to wear when they are out in the wild enjoying life and the outdoors. But what about those outdoors folk that want to take man’s best friend with them on their trips as well?

Dogs, especially large and medium-sized canine breeds, can look great in one of our cool-looking tubular bandanas. Since our dogs love to spend time with us hunting, fishing, exploring the wilderness, and running down the trail, it’s a cool idea to accessorize with your pooch; in fact, you both can even wear one of the same bandanas from our product catalog.

Having your buddy wear a bandana can also have other uses as well. Some pet owners will spray their dog’s bandana with calming pheromones so that they don’t get overexcited during a hike or a jog. This type of treatment will ensure that your pet remains calm in stressful situations. Additionally, some owners also like to color code their dog bandanas; you can place one of these on your canine buddy that lets others know if your pet is friendly or is a bit new to other humans.

In any case, at Hoo-rag, we have a ton of awesome bandanas for your furry friend to wear. Let’s take a look at some of the options that we have so that you know what your options are when you’re out there in the wild world with your best buddy.

FishingSmallmouth Bass Reel Photo or Brown Trout Reel Photo
We love to fish. When you’re out on the lake with your canine companion, you and your pet can wear one of these photo-based tubular bandanas. They are based on the shimmering scale patterns of two of the most plentiful fish in the United States. Additionally, we’ve made these bandanas to have up to a 30 UPF sun protection rating that works well for both you and your four-legged friend.

When you’re between fishing trips, the scale patterned bandanas can be machine washed on cold and dried on the line so that they are fresh when you take to the lake on your next trip.

RunningSuper Glitch
When you’re out for a run with your pooch, you can always try to wear one of our more stylish designs so that you can look pretty cool while you get your daily mile in. Our Super Glitch bandana has a 30 UPF sun protection rating and has a design that’ll remind anyone of the outrageous styles of the 80s. There are some angular designs that have some great colors that’ll look great on most breeds.

It’s even made of polyester so that it’ll provide some great warmth when the weather starts to dip a bit.

HikingUnited States of Awesome
Hiking can be pretty strenuous. Sometimes, there are steep gradients, rocky terrain, and points of almost complete solitude. When you’re sharing your hikes with your pup, try out one of our favorite bandanas; the United of Awesome. This Hoo-rag features our favorite colors: the American flag’s red, white, and blue; so while you’re out there on a hike, you can show your patriotism.

Game HuntingKryptek Inferno
As hunters, we have to be visible, which is why we wear clothing and accessories that comply with the modern firearm hunting season requirements. This means that we have to wear gear that is visible to other hunters so that accidents don’t happen. The same protection should be applied to our dogs, which is why the Kryptek Inferno is a great solution for your canine pal.

It is a bright orange that is very visible. This is really important because other hunters can mistake your dog’s coat for that of any of the game animals in the area, so having a bright patch of color can save your pet from an accident.

Bow HuntingMossy Oak Bottomland
Sometimes, when you’re hunting with a bow, you need a little more camouflage because of the fact that lower ranges are required in order to close with the game that you’re after. This is why people that hunt with bows often will select gear that blends in the best with the surrounding environment. If you’re out there in the wilds with your furry buddy, then one of our bandanas like the Mossy Oak Bottomland is a great option. It has natural earth tones that both you and your canine can use to get close to the 12 point buck that you want to bag.

Dogs provide some of the best companionship available and adding one of these bandanas can actually foster a higher level of closeness with your four-legged buddy. When it’s time to go for that hike, hunting or fishing trip, or when it’s just time to go for a run with your favorite canine, consider tying a cool-looking Hoo-rag bandana around them. Both of you will love it.

Tubular Bandanas for Chefs – The New and Better Trend

Chef Bandanas Many people make use of bandanas for different reasons. They can be worn stylishly to make a statement, but most people use them for sun protection or to keep sweat from dripping down in their eyes from their forehead. Most bandanas will do this job with ease, especially in the kitchen, but there is a new bandana that performs this task better than others. Hoo-rag has designed a tubular bandana option that wicks away sweat faster, is extremely breathable, is wash friendly and comes in great designs.

Firstly – What is a Hoo-Rag?
Hoo-rags are tubular bandanas made of polyester microfiber which makes it great for wash and wear with ease. Because of the tubular stretchy nature, you can wear a Hoo-rag several ways simply by twisting the fabric. No tying necessary!

Ways Chefs and Kitchen Staff can wear a Hoo-Rag
There are a few, different ways that people wear a Hoo-rag. The most common method is as a headband. If your primary concern is keeping sweat off your brow or dripping down your face, this option is for you.  Just fold the fabric, slip it on and you are good to go.

Another popular way to wear a Hoo-rag is the neck gaiter. For this option, simply pull the tube down around your neck.  In this fashion, it will keep sweat from dripping from one part of the body to another. In this case, from the hair and neck and down onto the back. As an added benefit, it can be worn this way to keep someone warm, as if it were a scarf.

From time to time, people might decide to wear the Hoo-rag as a face mask. This type of wearing style makes it great for protecting the face from high temperatures, small particles of food or dust and it may even help reduce the smell of cleaning agents or detergents should you be on cleaning duty.

Last, but not least, if you have longer hair you may find the beanie, ponytail and saharah options useful. For the beanie, just turn the product inside out, twist and flip.  You now have a beanie you can slide on your head.  For the sahara, flip the product inside out, put it on as if you were going for the neck gaiter style and then pull it up over your hair so the second edge rests on your forehead.  The tube should encapsulate the rest of your hair.  These options are great for keeping longer hair in check (and out of the food).

Alternate Uses for the Hoo-rag
We don’t stop there.  While you can certainly wear the Hoo-rag, we’re certain you’ll find alternate uses for it.  If you’re in a pinch and can’t find your towel, a Hoo-rag can be wrapped around your hand to allow you to pull hot pans off a burner.  Perhaps you keep a plastic bottle of water nearby and it heats up quickly in the kitchen.  Grab a spare Hoo-rag, wrap it around the bottle and keep it cool longer.  As a bonus, you won’t have any condensation to worry about.

Custom Designs Available
Hoo-rag works with businesses the world over to create custom designs for their staff and their promotional events.  If you’re in love with the idea of a multi-purposeful and multi-use product, consider getting one made just for your employees.  Kitchen and Waitstaff can make use of them as part of their regular uniform.

We’re certain you’ll love the product no matter how you decide to wear it.  Our prices start at $15.95 for most full-size designs and we cater to several hobbies while having a nice assortment of general designs.  What are you waiting for? Go shopping!