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#MyDadsRad Winners

#MyDadsRad Contest

Grand Prize Winner

Entry with the most votes wins the prize package pictured, including a Yeti Roadie 20 and GoPro HERO3.

#MyDadsRad Winner

‘My dad is totally rad for a lot of reasons. He’s my stepdad! At the age of 19 he took in 3 kids who were not biologically his and fathered them as his own; as well as his daughter! And an awesome grandfather to 4 grand kids. He worked blood sweat and tears to provide for his family and still does. We are all grown up and on our own but he is still there any time we need him. My dad is Chief of his police department, and also a member of the local SWAT team. He puts his life on the line daily and without question. He is active in his community; he attends the township meetings. He has also volunteered his time at local schools and Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops to educate them on what it’s like to be an officer. As well as volunteered to be Santa Clause for the local daycare centers. He has volunteered his time at a local gun club to educate women on how to use firearms. The list goes on! He is a man who is there when you need him! My dad is not a huge fan of having his picture taken so it was hard to find. ‘

Congratulations to Monique T. and her Rad Dad for taking home the Grand Prize!

Runner-Up Winners

10 winners randomly selected to win a $25 store credit to

Thank you to everyone who submitted and voted! If you are one of our winners – you will receive an email tomorrow (Monday 6/20/16) with information about claiming your prize.

Happy Father’s Day!

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