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Licensed USMC Hoo-rags back for a limited time only!

USMC Gifts

We brought our licensed USMC Hoo-rags back for a very limited time only. Once they’re gone – they’re gone for good.

Even better – we put all four designs on sale for only $12 each!

Check them all out:

Red and White Motivator

Perfection P.T.

Gold and Red Motivator

Blood Stripe

Blue and White Motivator


4 thoughts on “Licensed USMC Hoo-rags back for a limited time only!

  1. Hello, I would like to get some of the Marine Hoo Rag’s, how can I order them. Thank you

    1. Hi Andrew,

      At this time we do not have any Marine Hoo-rags in stock.

  2. Do you have more of the blood stripe usmc hoo-rags? I’m a marine vet and really like that style

    1. Hi Seth,

      At this time we no longer carry USMC Hoo-rags.

      – Erika

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