New Camos! Did we choose your name?

Our new camos have been named! We got 100s of suggestions on social media on what to name these rad new camo designs. It was a tough choice but here they are, along with their respective winners.

Snow Camo

Frozen Fowl Camo – Corey Gatlin

Tactical Camo Bandana

Bushmaster Camo – Mike Holliday

Camo Bandana

Desert Strike Camo – @lwj1124

Red White and Blue Camouflage

‘Mericam Camo – Justin Worley

Tactical Bandana

The Operator – named by us!!

Camo Faceshield

Digi-Knit Camo – Nick Hewes

Blue Camo Facemask

Subzero Assassin – Matthew Breen

Check out all the new camos here!

One thought on “New Camos! Did we choose your name?

  1. Nice work. Great Quality Product. Keep it up!!
    The Operator, Ragaconda, and Snook Real Foto….My top 3 at the moment.
    and Bait Indicator is SICK too. so four. Top 4

    Already Own FL flag, Cuba flag, & Ragacona.
    Thanks guys for proteckin’ my neck!

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