Cinco de Mayo $10 Sale

$10 Hoo-rag Sale

This is one Cinco de Mayo fiesta that won’t leave you feeling sluggish tomorrow morning.

Check out the five Hoo-rags we put on loco sale for $10 for today only!

Sugar Skull Bandana

 Sugar Mama

Everyone needs a sugar mama in their life.

So sweeten up your deal and grab this hot little number before it’s too late!

Sugar Skull Mask

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddys, this Hoo’s for you!

The Sugar Daddy Hoo-rag facemask features a sugar skull design in muted gem tones on a sage green background.

Pair this Hoo with the Sugar Mama and remember the couple that Hoos together, stays together.

Mexico Flag Bandana

Mexican Flag Bandana

Rock your red, green and white in our brand new Mexican flag rag!

This flag rag is one of our favorites – what’s more epic than an eagle eating a snake… all while perched atop a cactus growing out of water!

Viva La Mexico!

Sugar Skull Bandana

Beautiful Disaster

The Beautiful Disaster Hoo-rag is a little sweet and a little sassy- just like you!

A mix of sugar skulls and colorful flowers make this the perfect Hoo to rock with jeans and tee or your favorite fitness gear.

Pink Skull Bandana

Pink Ink

This gnarly Hoo is for all you bad mama jamas out there!

Pink sugar skulls on a black background make the Pink Ink Hoo perfect for a ride on the Harley or a night out on the town.

Made from moisture-wicking microfiber, the Pink Ink Hoo-rag will keep your hair and sweat in check while you rock the rag.


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