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The Perfect Fitness Accessory for Events

Hoo-rag was proud to sponsor the 8th Annual Fisher-Titus Maple City Triathlon/Duathlon on August 2, 2014 in Norwalk, Ohio with the perfect fitness accessory. The event was designed to encourage people to develop and maintain personal fitness goals. The triathlon consisted of an 800-yd. swim, 16-mile bike ride, and 3.1-mile run. The duathlon entrants ran 2 miles, followed by a 16-mile bike ride, and finished up with a 3.1-mile race. This non-competitive environment was a great event for first-time participants.

We congratulate those who completed this race and all you Hooligans out there working on your fitness – whether it be walking, running, swimming, biking – whatever you’re doing to get out and be active! And don’t forget the Hoo is the perfect fitness accessory. Have we got proof… you can’t handle the proof!

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Sun Not So Fun

Your only defense against heat forcing you out of an outdoor competition is your mental grit. When you add a bandana created with moisture-wicking material that keeps you sweat-free and shielded from the sun and wind, your toughness gets a boost. 

Don’t get it twisted, we love being out in the sun and how it is the only thing keeping the Earth from turning into a universal popsicle. But for urban adventure outings in July and August, the heat and humidity take the fight out of ya. Our Hoo-rags keep you rolling along with plenty of energy for your hot event and the gathering afterward.

Proof is in the pudding (and energy drink) as you see in this Red Bull event. Do the fellas in the photos look beat down from that brutal Land Rush Race? Nope. Not having sweat pouring into your eyes is huge, as anyone who’s ever competed in these things knows. Hoo-rag created numerous custom designs for Red Bull over the course of 5 years.

Mud Slinging

Obstacle course races (OCR) are not the cleanest events you can jump into. Best have some Tide ready when you get home. If you make it out alive that is! These mud runs are full of thrills, comradery, and dirt/dust/mud/grime. You get the picture. 

Either you can run them with a roll of paper towels tucked in your shorts – a bad look for sure. Or you’ll need the perfect fitness accessory to do some of the work for you as you climb walls and creep under ropes. A stylish Hoo-rag clocks in to help by:

  • Whisking away sweat with moisture-wicking material.
  • Keeps bald guys from sunburn that’ll have them calling in sick on Monday.
  • Lets you wipe away mud from your face – you want to be somewhat recognizable in the post-race team photo.
  • Handles that ponytail that would otherwise be flipping and flopping for 3 miles.

One of the raddest events we ever designed custom neck gaiters for was a night-time mud race in Indiana. Yes, the organizers were quite deranged and we loved it! You can see the HOOsier themed polyester microfiber Hoo-rags that were formed into alice rags, face masks, and headbands here.

Ladies And Gentlemen – Bad Ones

The baddest people on the planet sign up for OCR events and adventure races. Men and women who spend most of their time focused on fitness and challenges. These folks inspire us to keep improving our perfect fitness accessory. Because perfection can be improved upon.

But let’s not forget the normal people who go from running around their block to diving into a rough-n-tumble mud race. They go from leisurely music on their iPhone armband to Metallica-mode when they enter their first OCR. 

  • Accountants usually become bartenders the following week.
  • High school teachers start taking Jiu-Jitsu classes after seeing how well they did with other obstacle course fitness-barbarians.
  • And mild mannered parents start looking for crimes to stop and runaway trains to save!

We take pride in assisting these folks in their transformation into lean, mean, race-conquering machines. Average Joes and Janes rock UPF 30 Hoo-rags to fend off those wrinkle-causing UV rays. Some even use them as helmet liners to cool their brains once they decide to enter bike races, kayak events, and bull riding eventually – wait, what!

Urban Adventure Options

The perfect fitness accessory can also be helpful on a more laid back urban adventure. Think…

  • Food tours – a Hoo-rag gives you 12+ ways to wear it as you avoid poor air quality and use it for mandated face mask venues.
  • Scavenger hunts.
  • Guided walking tours let you find out from local fun-experts the best spots to hit.

Look, not all these events entail ice swimming and flaming walls you have to scale like in an OCR. But you won’t be riding in a limo either. Walk to 8 breweries in summertime and you’ll be glad to have a comfy headband or polyester microfiber alice rag. Those bike tours that last for 30 miles go better when you keep a cool head using a Hoo as a helmet liner – stay safe folks!

Back in the day, we slid into Oyster – The Race which combined athleticism with intelligence. It was a superb example of an urban adventure. The photos may will fire you up to find an event this weekend.

Do What You Do

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you do. We love seeing you gals / guys get out and enjoy the outdoors. Being active is healthy and we want you to feel your best. Nature helps make that possible too. 

If we can assist in cooler running events, awesome. If our UPF 30 neck gaiters keep your neck from turning Mars-red from the July sun – we’re glad to help. You choose how you wear your custom Hoo-rags just like you pick events that suit you and your crew. 

Our people go from using Hoos as armbands to face masks back to neck gaiters in the amount of time it takes to fall face-first into a mud pit. Or to push the enemy into one.

Keep up the good work Hooligans!

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