12 Days of Specials:

You heard us right.  Starting tomorrow, you can sing along with us as we bust out 12 Days of Specials!  Each day we will bring you a new package or a new discount and each one will be sure to please.  Whether you’re shopping for yourself, family, friends, mailmen, teachers or Secret Santa’s, we have what you need!

Check out our Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for daily updates through December 12th.

12 Days of Savings Boring stuff:

Each offer is valid starting at 10:00am through 10:00am the next day.  For example: The 1st Day of Specials starts tomorrow at 10am,  It will end the following day at 10am when the 2nd Day of Specials begins. For any questions or comments, contacIT”St us at info@hoorag.com.  Some offers valid in US and Canada only. Those notations will be listed in our blog or on our social media. Follow our blog for a new special from December 1st to December 12th.

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