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Oyster – The Race

Hoo-rag is pleased to partner with Oyster – The Race in creating a Custom Hoo-rag! An urban adventure, Oyster – The Race dares you to combine intelligence and athleticism in a challenging race. They have some upcoming races in August and September. You can put together a team and register today. 

If that’s not enough, they even offer you a chance to play fearlessly for FREE! You can enter to win free race entries, gear, or sign up for their newsletter. We encourage you to check them out. We are super pleased with the way this Hoo-rag turned out and look forward to seeing these Hoo-rags in action! BTW – have you tried an urban adventure yet?

The Investigation Begins

That’s a wonderful question so we sent our research intern out to investigate deeper for you guys. Unfortunately, Intern Steve has not been heard from in 89 days now. Not a big loss for our company but he was pretty fun to be around at lunchtime. He did manage to send some photos of his onsite research into urban adventures before we lost contact.

From what he gathered, these events can vary big-time. 

  • Most involve a competition.
  • Running is typical.
  • Walking is fine.
  • Big brains are mixed in for riddles and puzzles.
  • Reading maps is handy – anyone under 40 best study up!
  • Scavenger hunts and climbing walls are trendy.
  • Some involve no competition.

Yeah, basically urban adventures can be anything you want them to be. The weirder the better. Oyster – The Race was one of the originals and other event organizers have expanded since. Hoo-rags have been spotted wherever these races involve sweat, sun, and the outdoors. Our moisture-wicking neck gaiters and headbands keep brains cool while solving puzzles in a cave or subway tunnel.

Why Sign Up?

No need. Unless you love having fun with a bunch of your tribe – the human race! Connecting with others while trying to outwit, outpedal, and sabotage them is a top-5 event you must try. If you can’t enjoy yourself getting a medal for beer pong and paddling a canoe on the same day,  check your pulse!

In our modern age, the couch is the enemy. You can’t assault a couch – they have rights. But you can remove your buttocks from it. And with urban competitions, you don’t have to be a CrossFit crusader or a rowdy runner. All you need is a desire to get out and move your body so you can feel better by using it.

A comfortable Hoo-rag made from space-age microfiber polyester will keep you cool in summer events and hold warmth in for winter meetups.

Types Of Urban Adventures On Tap

Excuses won’t work with these gatherings. Because there is something for everyone. Even if you hate running or avoid the outdoors because of UV rays or possible meteorite crashes. Take a look at the zany events below. And remember that our UPF 30 apparel blocks out harmful UV light.

  • Curling and hockey shot challenge.
  • Drink and draw.
  • Speed friending.
  • Amazing Race for charity.
  • Flow yoga with river concert.
  • Urban stair climbing – better carry a lightweight headband.
  • Fryscrapers & Walkie-Scorchies – see now, this sounds fun and illegal.

Warning, I signed up for all of those so if I end up like Intern Steve, you’ll know what happened. Even a powerful Hoo-rag backed with moisture-wicking wonders can’t prevent an overdose of fun. The curling could do me in before I make it to the speed friending. Take comfort in knowing I’ll be the warmest curler out there though with my microfiber polyester neck gaiter to fight off chills.

Outdoors Is Outdoors

Now you know there is hope for getting outdoors even in the midst of a larger city. You may miss out on rivers and giant forests, but walking a cool part of town with nice folks isn’t half bad. Much better than watching Judge Judy rip souls apart from your couch. If you don’t have an Oyster – The Race type event near you, why not start one?

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