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Red Bull Landrush and Hoo-rag


Red Bull Land Rush took place in April two days before the original Oklahoma Land Run was started with a cannon blast 124 years ago. Teams of three people took up the challenge to win a suite in Chicago for Lollapalooza 2013. Hoo-rag was there in spirit, and on top of sweaty hands or wrapped around busy wrists. We partnered with Red Bull, printing their custom designs on bandanas and neck gaiters.

This Red Bull event was based on the OG Land Run which saw 50,000 Americans race to claim free land. 2 million acres were up for grabs and all you had to do was get there first. And avoid getting backstabbed by Wild West bandits with no money, no morals, and just a few scruples. Pretty dangerous race and had Red Bull been in charge back then, there would have been less chaos.

But believe it or not, there were some people in 1889 who did enter the event for fun. If they staked a claim to a lot up to 160 acres, that would be a bonus! I guess they didn’t dread working the land with nothing but a mule, a rusty plow, and some kids not distracted by TikTok back then.


The lucky and hard-working team of “Pup ‘n Suds” won this Red Bull event in the end and we hope you join us in congratulating them. Pup ‘n Suds had the same attitude as those early Oklahoma settlers. They sought to win a free place to stay but also desired adventure and community.


Red Bull Event Excites

Everyone knows Red Bull sponsors wild sporting events like cliff diving, insane stunts, and base jumping. But the energy drink giant does so much more. They bring people together for events such as:

  • Bike races.
  • Race car events.
  • Something called “Foam Wreckers” – use your imagination!
  • Mobile esports gaming contests.
  • Wings for Life World Run – raises funds to cure spinal injuries.

Hoo-rag was proud to work with Red Bull for over 5 years because of events and competitions like those. We know how to have fun ourselves and enjoyed helping teams with design your own bandanas, headbands, and neck gaiters. A custom design is mandatory with athletes who are so far outside the box that cardboard is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Red Bull’s Launch

The year was 1988 and Dolomitenmann was born. This race involved running up a mountain, flying, biking uphill both ways, and surviving wild rapids. I got dehydrated after just seeing that description! This event was conceived to bring a new level of suffering to extreme athletes. It did, but also began Red Bull’s march toward becoming a household name – curing weariness due to no sleep and sponsoring amazing races, battles, and tests of will.

Hoo-rag didn’t open up until many years later. In 1988 we were still dreaming up ways to never have to work at all. But our candy bar pyramid schemes failed – all 7 of them. So we figured we’d have some fun and start designing the best neck gaiters and bandanas on the planet. We’ve been fortunate to work with cool brands like Red Bull that need custom designs for events such as the Dolomitenmann and the Land Rush.

  • We allow teams to design your own Hoo-rags – See 9 activities enhanced by a neck gaiter.
  • Our custom design process is as smooth as the best cliff diver.
  • Our design team is awesome and dives deep into details for extra special designs you need tailored for your event.

Events Near You

It’s true that events bring us all together. Whether it’s a wacky surfing contest in Texas or a fun run at the local park. People need people. At Hoo-rag, we’re the same. Connecting with folks gearing up for ultramarathons or mud runs gets us excited to jump out of bed every day.

If you’re bored or looking to shake your life awake, check out Red Bull at their website. You can see more of their history and view a calendar of events you can attend or enter. Also, try your local Facebook events page or your city website with a list of upcoming happenings.

Maybe we’ll see you there. Or hook you up with custom designed neck gaiters and bandanas to keep you looking and staying cool. Because like the original land rush – life is free, but you have to hurry to grab some of it.

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