Want a free Hoo-rag Bandana?

We know, we know, we should have been on instagram like forever ago, but we have been busy! We have been chatting with some great instagram junkies for a few weeks now and we are ready to get it cranked up. So how do we do that?

Let’s give away some Hoo-rag bandanas!
We are going to give away 20 bandanas. Free.

Here is what you have to do. First, you must follow us on instagram and then upload a single picture from now until January 1st 2013 and make sure to add #freehooragcontest. Lastly leave a comment on your photo that tells us why you think you deserve a free Hoo-rag bandana and we will pick the lucky 20 people based on their comments. All winners will get a free Hoo-rag. It’s that simple. Are you ready to test drive the Hoo-rag in 2013. Get cranking!

Please note: All Winners will have a single choice of our black on white hoo, white on black hoo, pink hoo, or blue hoo.


We were the sponsor of the USA Bassin Hoo Rag Division on Patoka Lake in Southern Indiana this past summer. Johnny Morris and Jeremy Hagen unloaded the final punch with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 13.75 to seal the deal and take the win for tournament #5 of division. We supplied USABASSIN with a red white and blue fishing bandana we called Old Glory, we hope everyone is still enjoying them! Congrats to USA BASSIN and it’s successful season. In the meantime you might want to head to Florida while your lakes are frozen. 🙂

Mud Run Bandana (Devil Dash)

Are you ready to run like hell? Devil Dash is an extremely popular mud run that features lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride. At least that is what the web site says. Sound fun? Well, apparently it is, Devil Dash had an aggressive 2012 schedule and 2013 is rumored to be even crazier! We look forward to continuing to print these custom mud run bandanas for this event and look forward to seeing all the great people that run in this event wear our bandanas. Keep rocking the rad Devil Dash! For a complete schedule visit www.devildash.com. Their next event is on March 22nd and 23rd in Sin City. Vegas anyone?

Fishing Bandana Partnership

We started working for Mike Genoun this past summer. If you don’t know who Mike is, he is the Editor at a little magazine called “Florida Sport Fishing Magazine”. Nike wanted some custom Hoo-rag fishing bandanas to give to loyal subscribers, fans at boat shows, events, and for social media give-aways. He printed an initial run just before icast this last summer and we had a super tight deadline. We told him we would do our best to make it happen. Well, if you know Mike, than you know the definition of tenacious. We were able to make the delivery and now Mike was just delivered another order of his custom Florida Sport Fishing Mag bandanas. We want to thank Mike and the staff as Florida Sport Fishing Magazine. We hope you keep rocking the rag!

Chef Bandanas are a hit

We want to thank all the chefs that are using our new Hoo-rag chef bandana designs in kitchens all over America. We are excited to see photos popping up on Instagram, Facebook, and in our email box from men and women all over. If you are a chef or in the food preparation industry, please consider the Hoo-rag to while you are in the kitchen. Our rags are great to soak up moisture, keep your hair in order, and look stylish while you are getting it done! Oh and thanks for giving all of us non cooks the flavors we love in life. Have a happy holiday and remember, Stay Hungry!

PHOTO CREDIT:Bruce Feingold, the Executive Chef at Dada’s in Delray Beach

The Ultimate Hang Review

Good morning Hoo-raggers! It has been a while since we put up a blog post, so we hope you enjoy this one. Derek Hansen is a writer, illustrator and arguably the funniest Hoo-ragger we have encountered since we started. We sent Derek a Hoo-rag for a review and he put together this great video that shows a TON of ways to rock the Hoo-rag.

Watch this video and then head over to Derek’s website www.theultimatehang.com to check out his new book entitles The Ultimate Hang- An illustrated guide to hammock camping. Thanks for the kind words Derek we really enjoyed the video!