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Well Groomed Mud Stash

Time for another cool update from our shipping department. We have completed the production phase of an epic event that now has a custom bandana we are calling the HOOsier Rag. 

This custom order of Hoo-rag bandanas went out this past week for a serious event with a powerful name. “Mud Stash 2012.” These Hoo-rags are showing up to Perfect North Slopes in Lawrenceburg, Indiana just in time for this year’s event. Yes, even those lacking a profound mustache will be permitted to enter the race.

This mud run is next-level because it is being held at a snow ski resort and is being run in the dark. That’s right – a nighttime mud run! Watch out Indiana! Hoo-rags are coming to Whiskeytown USA with plenty of experience keeping folks warm on ski slopes.

Not Our First Snow Rodeo

Snow rodeo? Why not, since we’re participating in nighttime mud runs on ski slopes! This Mud Stash Run is not the first time that Hoo-rag has been part of mountain snow thrills. Our bandanas have been spotted anywhere snow lovers roll out to ski, snow tube, or snowboard. 

It’s no mystery why. Outdoor people who don’t let winter weather keep them indoors know they need the best gear for cold weather layers. They come to us for fleece-lined neck gaiters, scarfs, and headbands that keep their body temp at optimal levels. Studies show that hyperthermia will ruin a ski trip faster than bringing a loud brother-in-law along.

Winter sports enthusiasts love the flexibility of our fleece-lined Hoo-rags, which go from a face mask to head bandana to being used as earmuffs in just seconds. The key is the polyester microfiber that makes them both breathable and malleable into the shape that suits your style and activity. 
See just how crucial dressing in layers is in the wintertime here.

Frosty The Snow Ninja

People keep our fleece-lined bandanas handy because they keep necks, faces, and ears toasty. Being breathable and warm is pretty sweet. But sometimes you insane snowboarders and snowmobile roughriders need your entire head protected beyond earmuffs. That’s where our polyester microfiber cold weather balaclava comes in.

This lightweight slip-on headgear is perfect for high winds that make temps feel 25 degrees colder. Imagine flying down a mountain at 50 mph or faster without high-quality material to protect your face and head. The tucked-in neck portion is better than a scarf and the only way to keep old man winter from turning your lungs into icicles on a downhill run.

Custom Gear For Winter Games

Judging by the Mud Stash event, you guys never run out of ideas for group events. And we’re glad to see you don’t let freezing weather get in the way of fun or charity. Hoo-rag likes being part of outlandish events that bring people together too.

We have designed personalized neck gaiters, headbands, and face masks for events of all shapes and sizes. And in all environments. 

Our design team has seen it all and loves a challenge. So next time you get the wild idea to host an event involving a nighttime mud run on a ski slope, a bigfoot stampede, or anything involving snow skis and snowboards, give us a shout. We will get you set up with the best polyester microfiber bandanas on Earth that are sure to keep your people warm in the dead of winter.

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