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Jersey Girl Triathalon


A quick update from the Hoo-rag team! We are proud and excited to announce that Hoo-rags are headed to Long Branch, New Jersey for this year’s epic Jersey Girl Triathlon. We are in production on these custom Hoo-rags for this event as well as the Sandy Hookers running club.

Here is a little bit about this premiere girl-powered event.

Swim – Sea Fit

Many say this is the most challenging part of this womens-only event. Hard to argue when a runner can just stop when weary. A swimmer would need gills to take a breather in the sea. But this awesome leg of the racecourse is protected with more than 20 lifeguards. Swim angels will be lending a hand as well. 

With ladies facing an early morning swim and possible krakens, Hoo-rag was happy to be involved in the adventure. Blocking harmful UV rays is part of our job with UPF 30 neck gaiters that cool off racers in dead heats. 
Not a bad idea to use our versatile moisture-wicking Hoo-rags as bandanas to keep saltwater from rolling into the eyes either! It’s the perfect fitness accessory, some would say.

Bike – 10.62 Miles Rolling Hard

After a refreshing swim with hundreds of your closest friends, it’s onto the Jersey Girl Triathlon bike course. What makes the bike portion challenging is the same challenge faced at Starbucks – human critters. Pedestrians everywhere and traffic is part of this race with no roads being closed.

Makes me pop out in a nervous sweat thinking about it. Rough pavement, bad drivers, and never mind the fierce competition. But it’s all for a good cause and if our polyester microfiber neck gaiters help wipe the sweat from the ladies conquering the race, we are tickled pink. Many bikers – no gang affiliation – use Hoo-rags as helmet liners for more comfort, and yes, to look cool as possible.

The custom Hoo-rags we crafted for this tri-race are a fit for any event with easy flexible sizing options. If your next event involves a swim, run, and or bike, we’ve got your custom gear hook-up.

Run – 3 Miles Of Sweaty Rambling

This is the section where the rubber meets the road – or is that the bike leg? Both, unless there are some barefoot barbarians running this thing. Now, it would be easy to get lost and lose the race due to course layouts with no road closures. The pack of amazing volunteers will help prevent that – so shout out to those fine folks guiding the racers!

3 miles sounds grueling if you’ve never entered a road race before, but as any Jersey Girl Triathlon athlete will tell you – just start. Walk half a mile. Then do it again the next day and soon you’ll be a runner! 

Sure, you’ll get all sweaty and need a headband with moisture-wicking superpowers like ours. But sweating reduces risks of kidney stones and even Alzheimers according to some studies. And our polyester microfiber UPF 30 sun protection means healthier skin with UV rays blocked.

We want to wish the triathletes competing in this event the best of luck and look forward to seeing you all Rocking the Rag as a headband and neck gaiter. Style and profile your way to the finish line. Check that, best keep moving because preening may get ya beat.

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