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Jason Arnold Rocking the Rag!

It has been a busy few weeks and we are SUPER excited about a bunch of new Hoo-rag customs about to happen. In the mix is a triathalon, a motor cycle club, a running club, an adventure racing group, and even some in house customs.

Speaking of in house customs, we are pleased to announce that we are about to go into production mode on a sick Tarpon Hoo-rag that features the photography of Jason Arnold.

Jason kicked off his relationship with Hoo-rag this last weekend at Bass Pro Shops in Dania, Florida. Jason was there handing out Hoo-rags and showing off his art. If you fancy yourself an angler and have not seen Jason’s work, then you are missing the bus! Check him out at

Back to more information about this Jason Arnold Tarpon rag…… It is based on an actual Jason Arnold photo of an angry Tapon coming out of the water. We will be selling this hoo-rag right here on soon enough so stay tuned and pick it up as soon as it becomes available.

Here is a Sneak peak of the digital rag.

And here is some more photos of the Bass Pro Shops event and some of the lucky Hoo-rag winners!

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