How to wear (video)

Holy email batman! We have had a ton of interest/emails in the custom Hoo-rag department. Numerous times in the last week we have had potential customers wanting to see just how to wear the rag! Our staff has been saying "We need a video!"  so we unleashed our video production people to begin putting together a full blown professional video. That being said, it won't be complete for several weeks.

In the meantime, we threw together a quick video that shows some of the more popular ways to wear a seamless bandana! We hope this short little video give you a better feel for the Hoo-rag and how it can be worn!

Rock the Rag!


One thought on “How to wear (video)

  1. These headbands are fantastic! I have super curly hair, and typically headbands slip and slide around on me. I wear these exclusively when working out, and considering my slippery hair and the amount of perspiration I experience during a workout, these a a great solution. And, the colors all match the gym clothes that I already own!

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